Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mysterious Collection...

Ok, so it has been far too long since we last posted.  You can totally blame me because I am the one with the blogger password.  So please, please forgive us and me by extension. gloriascraps and I have been working away at our favorite pastime but have just neglected to share things on our blog and YT channel. I am working on getting that corrected. We have missed doing vids together so I think I am going to convince my sissy we need to do another one.  Until then, I thought I would share with you a little mini album I did in 4 hours one day.  I know crazy right? But it is true I started at 11am and was done by 2 pm right before I had to go get my kids from school.  It gets better though,  the album only took 4 hours to make but over a week for me to take pictures of it and post it here. Hee-hee I know, way to long. 
So I created the album from a kit that I recieved from a swap back when kit swaps were so crazy popular.  If any of you watch Roxy on YT, you may recall she did a series on showing kits that she purchased way back in the kit craze, and she shows what the kit had then the finished product.  I was inspired by her videos and realized I too was guilty of hoarding the mini album kits.  Here are a few photos of the album. I don't remember who the swap was with, after seeing roxy she kept her kits with the persons name etc.  There was also another bit of missing info here, and that is I have no idea what the name of the paper is in fact I am thinking it might even be more that one collection.  Something tells me it is Que Sera Sera paper but I don't know for sure. If you happen to have some of this paper carefully "archived" in your Scraproom I'd love to have the mystery solved.
Ok, hope you guys like it please be watching out for videos and more blog posts from the two of us.
One of Las Scrappin Senoritas.